About This Site

This Site is created for the Barangay Local Government Units (BLGU’s) of Puerto Princesa to serve as a platform for letting the whole world know about their existence, their accomplishments, concerns, needs, aspirations and their handicaps in trying to deliver coveted public services to their respective constituents. This Site also serves as a medium for information exchange between and among users.

How to Make Use of this Site

This Site is menu-driven with menus found on the left and right regions of the home page. By clicking on the menu list of each menu block, you will be directed to a published content – content is the term used for all information posted by the site’s maintainers and the participating users especially the barangays. As a medium for information exchange, contents can be viewed, downloaded or printed by users especially copies of newly-approved ordinances or notices of public hearing. Before an authenticated user can post, he must first log in with his User Name and Password. Each user has a role of his own that will not overlap with others by showing him blocks of menu when intending to create new contents. This means that if barangays log in, they will be presented with menus only visible to them. So with the other roles such as the DILG, the SP, the Records Division, the Mayor's Office and the City Councilors having unique menus of their own once logged in.

How to Be Authenticated As a User of This Site

Send an email to liga.puertoprincesa@gmail.com identifying yourself. Provide the user name and password you want to use. State the type of content you want to post and/or contribute. Each type of content must have a user name to use even though he is one and the same person. Once accepted, the webmaster will send an email of confirmation. You can login by clicking on the Liga President's Profile found in one of blocks on the left.

What are the Types of Contents that can be Posted

  1. Barangay Profile

  2. Anything about the Mayor's Office

  3. Ordinances / Resolutions, proposed or approved

  4. Any information the DILG wants imparted

  5. Notices of Public Hearings

  6. News, views and ideas or any informative reading material

Who Can Create Contents

  1. All barangays in Puerto Princesa

  2. City SP Secretariat

  3. City SP Records Division

  4. City Mayor’s Office

  5. City Councilors

  6. City DILG

  7. Contributor of News, Views and Ideas

What to Prepare For the Contents

For a barangay

  • Brief article about the barangay

  • Photos of each barangay official including the ex-officio members, treasurer and secretary

For the SP Secretariat

  • Proposed or draft resolutions / ordinances that directly affect or concern the barangays in PDF formats

For the SP Records Division

  • Approved ordinances / resolutions.

  • Scanned copy of such ordinances / resolutions in PDF formats

For the Mayor’s Office

  • Any information that directs or informs the barangays in PDF formats

For the City Councilors

  • Notice of Public Hearing in PDF formats


  • Any information that directs or informs the barangays in either full content or PDF copy.

  • Any photos accompanying such content.


  • Any news, views or ideas worth reading. The webmaster reserves the right to reject or accept a content depending upon its relevance and propriety.

What to do with the Contents

Most of the contents are downloadable and/or printable. These will serve as copies distributed to prospective recipients instead of manually handing to them hard copies of such contents. Examples are ordinances, resolutions and notices of public hearing wherein each barangay is given copies of. Upon receipt of a copy of an ordinance, resolution or notice of hearing, every recipient barangay must acknowledge receipt by sending via email an Acknowledgment Receipt. The form is downloadable and only available to barangays. It must be properly filled up before sending to liga.puertoprincesa@gmail.com. A QR Code is required to identify and validate the recipient barangay.

Comments, Blogs and Forums

Authenticated users can create their own blogs and/or forums and post comments to any open content.


Unless otherwise restricted, anybody can participate on polls by casting his votes on matters that are, once and a while, being posted to get a consensus.

Future Plans

A One-stop Help Shop section, a seek-for-help section, of this Site where pressing socio-economic problems of a barangay are published for prospective funding bodies, both local and international, to see, assess and match with their current interventional program and project portfolios.