Once authorized after submitting your User Name and Password to the Liga Staff, you can upload your barangay info directly to this site.

  1. Click on the Liga President's Profile
  2. Under, you will find "User Login"..
  3. Login with your User Name and Password
  4. At the right-most part, Upload Barangay Info block will appear with the Add option
  5. Click on Add, select 'Barangay Page' and begin encoding your data

How to encode

  1. Title, indicate the name of your barangay, e.g., San Pedro
  2. Body, give a brief description of your barangay
  3. Indicate the position, e.g., Punong Barangay
  4. Upload a picture of the official. Max Resolution is 1024 x 768 px and not more than 500 KB.
  5. Indicate the full name of the official
  6. Click on Another Item to Repeat 3-5 until the Treasurer
  7. Save

Once received by the maintainers, your info will be published. That's it!